About My Children::

A father, most naturally, is proud of his children. Here are some (I hope objective) reasons for my pride.

Sygalle Leshman, my eldest, is a ceramicist with qualities that you can judge by yourself. Here is a slide show of her latest work and a more targeted display of more of her products. Her gallery is located on Zamarin Plaza, Zichron Yaaqov. Her website is always a treat: www.sygalle.com.

I think her work is unique, and if you agree with me, you may communicate to her directly by e-mail.

Amir Give'on, after completeing his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University, and he is now working at JPL, Pasadena, California. His research topic is control and adaptive optics, and he is working now with the Terrestial Planet Finder project of NASA at Princeton University.

But, like many other young and old time researchers, he is also a great fan of riddles. And so, during the weekends, he is now setting up a special site of riddles called Solvethat. What is so special about it? Go and see for yourself. It is now under construction, but you will start to figure it out as it develops.

Well, I guess his creative ideas have no limits. He decided to set up a Web 2.0 style site that displays scientific and technological products that have aesthetic merits. You are cordially invited to visit his additional site called My Art in Science. If you are a scientist or an engineer and you have a product that is simply beautful, please register and upload it, so that we all can enjoy its beauty.

Michal, my youngest is now a graduate student of Geophysics at Tel Aviv University. She has gone a long way since her single year of studying Georgraphy at Ben Gurion University in 2003. Her main area of interest is Siesmology. Since June this year she has been a guest student doing research at the Seismological Laboratory of the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences at (where else?) Caltech, under the guidance of the top seismologists on this planet. If you heard about the Chino's Hill Earthquake, she has not only experienced it (with mixed feelings,) but also has been working now on one of the seismological most up-todate analysis of this event. She also spends time often with her brother, Amir, who works about 10 minute drive from her office. Obviously, I am very proud of her too and I will report about her advances on the shaky terrain she has decided to travel.

Here she is at her first presentation in a conference, the 2008 SCEC Annual Meeting, September 6-11, 2008, at Palms Springs, reporting the analysis of the Chino Hill earthquaqe done at Caltech, including her analysis.

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